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*This service is currently only available in Singapore 

Nicolas Laville Couture

Couture designer, pattern-maker and visionary, Nicolas Laville started his roots with high fashion designers Anne Fontaine, Kenzo and Christian Lacroix.


Trained with a penchant and flair for mastering pattern-makings and being inspired by the production of designs from his design visionaries & luminaries, Nicolas has honed his vision and this is showcased through his as well as creating his own line. From his own distinctive point of view, Nicolas has been traversing cultures from Rouen to Paris, then to Shanghai with Renaitre and now, his own line in Singapore. Sharing not only his designs to the world, Nicolas has been passing on his own insights and knowledge, teaching at schools in Paris Mod’ Estah Fashion Institute and Shanghai’s International Fashion Academy.


The bud of Nicolas Laville Couture in Singapore was his own studio in Rouen, France – Creation Laville. With this, the studio produced multitudes of work and a significant collection of bespoke pieces for individual fashionistas to pageant shows – wedding dresses, cocktail and evening gowns to the highest quality and a full collaboration with top fashion icon – Galleries Lafayette.


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