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Founded by Singaporean, Matthew Gideon, DEBONEIRE espouses a philosophy of artfully weaving together the classic and the contemporary. A menswear label for the astute gentleman, DEBONEIRE leads the march for a sartorial adventure with timeless classics draped in modern flair.


The name DEBONEIRE is constructed from De Bon Eire, a nod to the French meaning, ‘of good lineage’. DEBONEIRE’s logo, the Paradise Riflebird, is a rare bird-of-paradise with enviable plumage, and epithetical of a man who is indeed debonair.


DEBONEIRE incorporates a love for mischief and a reverence for tradition into its designs. Effortlessly sharp and instantly recognisable, DEBONEIRE brings out the distinction and character in a gentleman and celebrates individuality by pushing the limits of menswear.

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Matthew Gideon found his start as the founder and designer of menswear label, DEBONEIRE, in his pursuit of an ideal emblematic get up to express his individuality and identity.


Fresh out of high school, seventeen-year-old Matthew could not find the perfect sartorial ensemble for his sophomore life on campus. It was the self-taught designer’s exploration of his personal style, coupled with his go-getter attitude that ignited Matthew’s career in fashion.


Twenty-two and perceptive, Matthew took the plunge and established his label right after serving two years of military service. Matthew traded in his hoodies for impeccably tailored ensembles, academic pursuits for business plans, and boys-night-outs for business meetings. Matthew hopes to share his aspirations and confidence through his designs and empower other young hopefuls like him to pursue their dreams.

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